Senin, 08 Juni 2009

Right Speaker Heavy - for Ghaust


We really love this song and completely stunned at how good this is! Thank you to Ghopal and Right Speaker Heavy for dedicated this beautiful material to us, this has been a real and pleasant surprise.


Reginald and Ghopal (and yes, me too) are fans of the band Ghaust, so we decided to dedicate the new piece to them. Granted, our song sounds nothing like Ghaust – but that’s not the point. We’re just big fans of their sound and style of rock! Go check them out and pick up their new album.

The instruments used for “For Ghaust” are the zhong ruan, a small gong and an Indonesian drum. All sounds recorded with the Tascam DR-1 and mixed using Acid Pro 4. Regi mixed it and said it was his first time ever using Acid. Neat, eh?

Expect more weirdness soon!

~ Morton


Please check Right Speaker Heavy band myspace to listening the song : Right Speaker Heavy


@ Megaupload

**Buy their new records.
It's a Great Psychedelic/folk/drone music and the packaging from Each records is a hand made. Totally Awesome!