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Rise Above

Sabtu, 07 Juli 2012


Rabu, 22 Februari 2012

UPDATE : Live Show 2012

- 26 Feb 2012 : RED Sunday - Borneo Beerhouse / Jakarta

- 19 Mar 2012 : RUINS - Lumbung Padi / Jakarta

- 1 Apr 2012 : Rossi Musik / Jakarta

- 7 Apr 2012 : Demolition fest #2 - Jogja National Museum / Jogjakarta

Sabtu, 07 Januari 2012


A very fine split between two Awesome Indonesian bands, GHAUST and KELELAWAR MALAM. Both bands throw their ordinary duty to serve the best instru-metal tunes and horror punk tunes outta South East Asian scene.

GHAUST getting solid, more tighter, heavy, atmospheric, unpredictable tempo and throw one song title ASCENDING. On another side, KELELAWAR MALAM pull a fine brutal horror metal punk tune that have a influence by old skool black metal and put a lots of metaphoric Eastern horror feeling, The song title CAHAYA ALTAR PERSEMBAHAN.

This split 7" comes in a nice jacket and great artwork. Random color vinyl. 300 copies done. CO-relasese with SLAP BET Records(Singapore), GRIEVE Records(Indonesia) & CACTUS Records(Malaysia)

PRICE : 80.000 Rupiah. ORDER to : soundofghaust@yahoo.com

For international order please contact :
- CACTUS RECORDS : cactusdistro@yahoo.com
- SLAP BET RECORDS : slapbetrecords@gmail.com

Untuk wilayah Jakarta, split 7" ini juga available di Grieve Record Store, Fatmawati 30.

+ To order, please send your personal data (name, address, mobile phone number), vinyl color and your order quantity to: soundofghaust@yahoo.com. Put "ORDER VINYL GHAUST" in the e-mail subject.

We will send you the order detail when we received your order inquiry.

+ Untuk melakukan pemesanan vinyl Ghaust ini, kirimkan detail pribadi anda (nama, alamat, nomor hp), barang yang ingin dipesan, warna vinyl dan jumlah barang yang dipesan, ke : soundofghaust@yahoo.com, dengan subjek "ORDER VINYL GHAUST".

Kami akan memberikan detail instruksi pemesanan kepada anda melalui e-mail.

Thank you and heavy new year 2012!!!