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Jumat, 01 Oktober 2010


+ GHAUST / ASEETHE split CD(Cactus Records)

This split album featuring two new tracks from GHAUST, "Return Fire" and "Akasia RMX"(Remix by Morgue Vanguard). This time Ghaust became tighter, heavier, with less post rock influence. ASEETHE give a onefull awesome track, called "The Armada", with structure that shadow across between Ocean, Neurosis, Cult of Luna and the bands alike. The Armada mastered by James Plotkin(Khanate, Isis, Nadja). Two bands,Three tracks, clocking in 41 minutes of epic heaviness.

For fans of Neurosis, Boris, Ocean, Corrupted and Pelican. Come with a digipack full color packaging. A vinyl format may come in the future..

Indonesia/Worldwide : 50.000 Rupiah / $7.

Available :
- Jakarta : Howling Wolf Cipete, Aksara book store.

+ GHAUST - GHAUST CD(Purbaharuan Recordings)

Ghaust debut album contains 6 tracks/39 minute running time. Ghaust build a instrumental trip crossing through different genres, where post-rock/shoegaze influences, crushing sludge/doom tempo, collide with hardcore punk and Heavy rock.

The sound draws from the collected DNA of Kyuss, His hero is gone, Pelican, Boris and Corrupted! But instead of being content to just replicate their influences, Ghaust take the best parts and choicests riffs and whip up something distinctly theirs on this debut album.

Indonesia/Worldwide : 40.000 Rupiah / $6

ALL PRICE NOT INCLUDE POSTAGE, Contact us for shipping price.

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