Sabtu, 29 Mei 2010

CALL TO ARMS : Malaysia and Singapore TOUR 2010

CALL TO ARMS : Malaysia and Singapore TOUR 2010

We are really stoked to be going on the road next July with KELELAWAR MALAM and PAZAHORA and cannot wait to see you all. We have new CD, 7" and merch to share and we are excited to play some loud tunes for you all. see you on the road.

Dates are:
July 08, 2010 - Penang @ Soundmaker Studio
July 09, 2010 - Kuala Lumpur @ One cafe
July 10, 2010 - Singapore @ Blackhole

Penang Show Poster :

Kuala Lumpur Show Poster :

Singapore Show Poster :


GHAUST/ASEETHE split CD(Cactus Records)

This album will be feature 2 new songs from Ghaust, "Return Fire" and "Akasia RMX". Aseethe side will be contains only 1 new song, about 28 minutes, called "The Armada", This song will be mastered by James Plotkin(Khanate, Harvestman, Nadja). 3 Epic tracks, Total 43 minutes of heaviness, and The CD packaging will be a lush full color digipack.

GHAUST/PAZAHORA split 7"(Epidemic Records/Dis.eased Wrekkids)

This split contain a brand new songs from each band, "Against the wind" from Ghaust and "Death and Ruin" from Pazahora! The artwork made by Arian13 and This 7" will be strictly limited to 200 copies, each 7" will be random mixed colours, so each vinyl will be different!