Selasa, 02 Maret 2010

GHAUST / BLCKWVS Split 10" Out Now!!!

To order our first 10" released, a split with BLCKWVS from Münster, Germany. Please drop an email to : maniyaxrecords@gmail.com

"Both bands are coming with a super thick sound, BLCKWVS creating a menacing wall of sound consisting of percussion, guitar, bass and synth. Intensivity and atmospheric gravity. It's heading in the direction of Neurosis or Cult of Luna.

GHAUST plays a heavy instrumental trip of post-metal nightmares that focus on long instrumental evolution of structure. This brilliant two-piece band was created by Uri A. Putra (guitar) and M. Edward (drums).

A supercool BLCKWVS-RMX from Doserhand is also included!"

Limited to 300 copies!!!