Minggu, 14 Februari 2010


Space Records 2010

This split single combines GHAUST original version and IBLIS KOTOR RE-interpretations and RE-recorded version of "Day After(entering into peace)".

"Day After(Entering Into Peace)", the song is Originally released on GHAUST debut album in 2008, clocking in 6 epic minutes, of prettiness and precision, darkness and dynamics. From slow and powerful downer grooves to mellow melodic interludes to crushingly mega heavy riffs. This is not just post rock and sludge for post rock and sludge's sake, this song, perfectly arranged, parts woven into other parts, melodies, and harmonies, it's incredible complex, which is why the music of Ghaust resonates, and continues to move well beyond the boundaries of the genre. The is, needless to say, totally essential!

And "Year After(Entering Into Nothing)" is a RE-interpretations and RE-recorded version of Ghaust - Day After(entering into peace) by IBLIS KOTOR. About 18 minutes, of massive, epic, and intense retro prog-psychedelia. Utilizing the same themes and melodies with the original, but a whole new song. Incorporating Dark and moody piano, shuffling drums, acid psych lead guitar, field recordings, and static drones with modern post rock soundscape. Just get ready for this epic retro psychedelia!

Available as digital format, You can download it at iTunes and many other digital store.