Minggu, 08 November 2009

Ghaust Interview w/ Cactus Records

*They are two piece band from South Jakarta, Indonesia. Ghaust without a doubt is one of the great act from the Asian region. The improvisation of the sound range from metal, post rock, hardcore etc been combine together in perfect blend. Their last full length CD release under Purbaharuan recordings (CD) and third arm records (tape), was superbly recorded and among the best releases in 2008. Soon cactus will release a split CD with Aseethe (drone/doom/nouse band from USA). This is a brief introduction of them.

1. Can you please introduce the band. A little bit history of the band? And whose play what?

We're Ghaust an instrumental two-piece from Jakarta, Indonesia. My name is Uri A. Putra and i play guitar and my good friend M. Edwards plays the drums. We've been playing together since around August 2005, and have released one full lenght album so far.

2. What will be the main influence of the band (musician, artist, band, books, movies etc)? And do you guys mind telling us the philosophy of the band as well as the music direction Ghaust that maybe reflecting upon your life and the culture where you living?

When we all met up for the first time, we truly understood how diverse we were with our music tastes. One day we would be listening to hardcore/punk music, then post rock, and then some doom metal or black metal music. We really couldn't pinpoint any influences as a band. Personally, i think Corrupted would be a major influence for us.